How to DareWear

Greyson Gray’s daring spirit inspires DareWearers to wear Greyson’s signature hat and fanny pack while daring to explore, take risks, and discover the hidden. If you are up to the challenge you’ll need Greyson Gear, someone to snap a picture of you, and a bold, daring spirit like Greyson’s.  Follow the steps below if you DareWear…

First, read the book!  Then you’ll see why we want to be like Greyson!

Second, wear Greyson Gear:Greyson Gear

  1.  A red ball-cap (the white ‘G’ is optional, but awesome…)

Click HERE to get your Greyson Hat!

2.    A red fanny pack (bringing back the fanny pack!)

Click HERE get your pack!  It’s only $6!

3.    Confidence (trust me…we’ll see if you’re wearing it)

Third, while wearing your Gear, be adventurous* and have someone take a picture of you. 

Need some ideas?  1) Dare to explore.  2) Dare to find something hidden.  3) Dare to do good even when it’s hard.  4) Dare to do something you’ve never done.  5) Or just dare to show off your skills.

           * Disclaimer:  (Be legal, and safe…not stupid.  Kids – ask your parents before you DareWear.)

Last, post the picture on Greyson’s Facebook or tweet it to Greyson (@Greyson_Gray) with hashtag (#darewear) and we’ll post it on the site for the world to see!

If you post before the end of 2013, you are eligible to win $50!  Check out the DareWear Contest Page for the rules!

          P.S. – No fake, photo-shoppy stuff here.  Only real DareWears will be posted and shared!  All of our promotional pictures were taken on an i-Phone 4 and color-filtered with the app “Camera+”.  No text is needed for your DareWears!



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