DareWear Contest – Holiday Special!

This contest has ended!  Here was our winner – Sydney!


From @MoreS98

Share Your DareWear before December 30th, 2013 and Win $50!

How to Enter:
STEP1:   Take your best DareWear picture (see “How to DareWear“) showing your Holiday spirit.  Make sure to wear Greyson Gear! (Oh, and be legal and safe, too.)
Ideas for showing Holiday spirit while DareWearing:
1) Do a winter-only activity (ex. – sledding, skiing, or riding a reindeer)
2) Do good in a creative, bold way (ex. – volunteering at a soup kitchen on Christmas, donating a cherished item, giving your sibling a Greyson Gray book as a gift)
3) Explore awesome places and bring your holiday decorations with you.
STEP 2: Share your picture on The Greyson Gray Series’ Facebook page or tweet it to @Greyson_Gray with hashtag #darewear by Dec 30th, 2013.
STEP 3:  Greyson will judge the best DareWearer for the Holiday season and announce the winner on January 1st, 2014. When we get your contact information, we will send you a crisp $50 bill and make sure your pic gets the attention it deserves. Simple as that!
RULES:  Only boys and girls ages 8-18 are able to win the contest.  Do not add anything to your photos with a computer.  You may apply filters, crop, or adjust color and brightness, but please don’t add any graphics or edit the image in any other way.
* Tips – Greyson’s looking for places that are new and cool. He also loves action and confidence.  DareWearing should be a reward in itself – so have fun, explore, and discover the hidden!  The $50 is just extra awesomeness – like frosting on top of bacon…
Check out some examples here: DareWear Pictures

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