#DareGood Contest

Daregood definition


The 2015 #DareGood Contest has ended. Here is the winning submission:


Alex from Iowa City submitted this photo through Instagram. He was doing landscaping work for free for an elderly lady. It certainly looks difficult with all those bags of rocks! He won $50!



Here were the two runner ups:


Mark wrote an encouraging note on his sister’s door for a morning greeting. This was clever, creative, and effective (I hope…).



Matthew brought ice cream to his local police station! This was very thoughtful! Police aren’t often cared for, even though they care for us all the time!



If you want to prepare for next year, read the instructions below that were for 2015.


The 2015 DareGood contest runs from April 13-April 30 and challenges people of all ages to capture pictures or videos of others daring to do Good, just like Greyson Gray. The winner and DareGooder will be given at least $50 in cash to share, and the picture will be posted on the website and all our social media outlets. Our goal is to inspire people of all ages to do hard things for the good of others!

Want more than a $5o prize? The more submissions we receive, the bigger the prize the winner can share with the DareGooder! So make sure to spread the word to your friends!

SamKids1-99 submissions = $50 prize

100-499 submissions = $100 prize

500-999 submission = $200 prize

1000-4999 submissions = $300 prize

5000+submissions = $500 prize

How to DareGood:

AJYou have two options. 1) Find someone doing something good and capture their deed on camera. 2) Dare someone to do something good, and THEN capture it on camera in a photo or video.

To Enter:

1) Post the picture or video on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #DareGood. If your Instagram account is set on private, you must Direct Message Greyson (username @greysongray), because he won’t be able to see your hashtagged post otherwise!

2) Copy and paste this message for the caption or tag 3 of your friends (or celebrities…) for the challenge:

I challenge (friend 1), (friend 2), and (friend 3) to #DareGood for a chance to win $50! Visit bit.ly/daregood for more info!

3) Wait until May 1st when we announce the winner of the $50+. We will then get your address so that we can send you and the Daregooder the money!


GraceandSierraWeeding1) The good being done must be truly good, not a set up.

2) The person submitting must have taken the original picture or be the parent of a child who took the picture.

2) The best DareGoods will actually be daring. This means that doing the good was not easy. Maybe it was uncomfortable, awkward, or took a long time. Maybe there was suffering involved. Think outside the box and outside your comfort zone.

3) Stay safe. Get parent/guardian permission before doing anything risky.

4) Any age is eligible. Just make sure you have the person doing good’s permission to post it!

5) You must post the picture with the hashtag #DareGood and tag three of your friends within the deadline to be eligible.


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