Book 1: Camp Legend

“At times riotous…always entertaining.”

“Choosing a favorite character may be difficult…”

“…never lets up until the end.”

                                          – Kirkus Reviews

Ebook_CampLegend copy

At Morris College All-Sports Camp, Greyson Gray discovers intense athletic competition, quirky huddlemates, and budding romance to distract him from the loneliness he has felt since his father’s mysterious disappearance. The lighthearted camp atmosphere turns, though, when Greyson stumbles upon a terrorist’s sinister plot brewing in the observatory – a place already haunted by a chilling camp legend. Suddenly, Greyson toils with two dueling worlds – one of lurking danger and mystery, the other of competition and hormones. Spurred on by his father’s words to do the good that ought to be done despite the danger, Greyson and his faithful friends must mount a cunning and coordinated heist on the observatory in order to save thousands of lives.

Greyson Gray: Camp Legend is an exciting adventure threaded with witty, sarcastic humor and gritty suspense. You will not only enjoy being in Greyson’s shoes as he battles evil in thrilling chases, but also as he deals with his awkward first crush, menacing bullies, and the loss of his father. Prepare to laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters as the Greyson Gray series begins with a bang.

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2 thoughts on “Book 1: Camp Legend

  1. I’ve found it difficult, well no impossible, to read an excerpt. Do you not offer this facility for your books. I want to read a chapter or two before I buy. I’m guessing I can do that on Amazon, but why not add it on your web page.

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