About B.C. Tweedt

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The gist: B.C. longs to edify and entertain the next generation, all while staying behind the scenes. While he initially wanted to direct movies, he now writes them in the form of novels. He loved reading as a child, especially the Animorphs, Goosebumps, and Left Behind series, so it is a joy for him to give young readers another beloved series to add to their bookshelves.


Other random bits of tid:

  • Favorite Food:  Wings.  Bone-in, with traditional sauce.  Buffalo Wild Wings (B-dubs) is the best!  Bacon is a close second.
  • Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper, though any pop/soda/cola is delicious!
  • Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan or the Indiana Jones Trilogy (he still pretends it’s a trilogy)
  • Favorite Book: The Bible.  His favorite fiction, though, is currently the Enemy series by Charlie Higson.
  • Favorite Place: Texas.  He was born in Dallas and has been an unashamed Cowboys fan ever since.  It was easier in the 90’s.
  • Other:  He loves first person shooter video games, The Walking Dead, and sunshine!