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Readers' Favorite ReviewsThe Greyson Gray Series follows twelve-year-old Greyson Gray and his loyal group of quirky friends as they are swept into a dangerous world rapidly being torn apart by terrorists bent on dividing the nation.  The first book, Greyson Gray: Camp Legend, takes up the story as Greyson meets his friends at a sports camp, discovers a terrorist plot, and dares to stop it.  The second book, Greyson Gray: Fair Game, continues Greyson’s adventure as he takes terrorists on at the Iowa State Fair.  Book #3, Greyson Gray: Deadfall, follows Greyson as he crosses the country in search of his father. Book #4 – Greyson Gray: Rubicon, introduces Greyson to a whole other squad of characters who help him fight off yet another attack that threatens to ignite a civil war.

Foreword Clarion ReviewsFull of gritty action, witty humor, and even romance, The Greyson Gray Series draws all ages of readers into Greyson’s world.  For action-lovers there are horse chases, gun battles, dirt bike stunts, and explosions.  For comedy lovers, there are sarcastic quips, crazy characters, and true-to-life hilarity.   For romance-lovers, there are awkward first crushes, a tense love triangle, and sacrificial love everyone can root for.  Finally, adults often mention that the series feels like a modern day Hardy Boys book with more action.

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  1. We are regular book buyers have our name on your msiling list please vist the email to senf you the physicsl addtess awating for your reply

    • Thanks for asking! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next book, but I’m sad to inform you that it’s going to be awhile. The fifth book is currently only in outline form. It could be a year or more 😦 The good news is that there is also a short Jarryd spin-off story that is in the works that may be completed first. In total, I anticipate either six or seven books (I know how it ends but am not sure how long I want to take to get there). Please tell your friends to check out the series! The more readers I have asking about the next book motivates me to put aside my other daytime job’s duties and get to writing! Thanks again for asking!

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